​Mekdes Haileselassie 



​​​​​  Sarah T. Blackshear

 Co- F​ounder, And       Accountant 

Shanetra brown-Armstrong​​​​​​​​ 


  ​Filagot  Gizaw Deresse  Social    Media Coordinator 

​​​Sosina Haileselassie Assefa Volunteer 


 Amarachi Ford

   Social Worker

      Sable Taddesse
        Legal Advisor​

 Tshion Hailesel​assie

  Assefa  Secretary

"One woman can change anything. Many women can change everything" 

​​​​​Kidest Medhine

Public Relation

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​​​​   Etalemahu Taddesse Fikre

  Founder, President And CEO          

በዳላስና በፎርትዎርዝ የሚገኘው የኢትዮጵያ የሴቶች ድርጅት።

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