​Volunteers play an important role in helping Ethiopian Women’s Organization For All Women accomplish our mission: empowering, promoting and supporting all women and their families. Your commitment of your time makes a meaningful impact in the lives of women and their families and, ultimately, the community.

Our volunteer opportunities are as varied as the services we provide in order to meet the diverse needs of our organization and to accommodate differences in the schedules and skills of our volunteers.

​Join our cause!
Interested in volunteering your time and expertise to your community?
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We need you. And so do communities in need.

If you have any questions about the volunteer role you’re applying for, please call our office at 214-641-1685 or you can e-mail us at org4ethiowomen@aol.com.

Thank you!



Volunteering For Ethiopian Women's 
organization for All Women!!


Everyday the people below keep us strong. Reminding us that everyday is a challenge but if we stick to our goal we will triumph.


Ethiopian Women's Organization is dedicated to helping Ethiopian Women who have little support. We provide them with information, financial and emotional support, when they otherwise would not find it.

​Ethiopian Women's Organization For ALL Women

MUZVARE - Her Royal Highness Princess BETTY MAKONI!

In her latest poetry Book the inspiring and empowering world of Muzvare Betty Makoni gave her own personal latest poetry book to Ethiopian Women's Organization For All Women Founder & President Etalemahu Taddesse Fikre at IWPG ( International Women's Peace Group) Summit in Seoul, South Korea September 18, 2014.

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