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 Award and Accomplishment:

• In 2010 humanitarian Award by Ethiopian Community of Dallas, Texas

• 2013 The Global Children helping hands, Inc. appointed me as an ambassador for Ethiopian Children

• 2013 the winner of the Face of change, by African Pageant of USA

• 2014 I was invited to Seoul, South Korea as one of the VIP for world women for world peace conference by IWPG

  (International Woman peace group) and HWPL (Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light)

• 2015 I was invited by HWPL and IWPG to Cerritos, California as one of the guest speaker for world peace 

  Also work as a volunteer for 990Am and 700Am, Ethiopian women’s organization for all women weekly Radio station as an Executive

  producer and principal host from August 19, 2009 to July 1st,2016

• On May 1, 2017 in Carson City, California, Etalemahu Taddesse Fikre was awarded  a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding contribution to world peace as a messenger of peace and devotion to social service.

• On June 16, 2017 Mrs. Taddesse awarded the Immigrant Advocate Journey Award in recognition of making a positive impact on the

  lives of immigrants as an advocator.


My mother Askale Abedi Mamo receiving honorable award from Etege Age Tebeb School from King Haile Selassie,1962. My greatest inspiration for empowering women is taken from my mother. She taught our house keepers how to read and write. Her Education is critical to eliminate Opression.

Etalemahu Taddesse Fikre. EWO FOR ALL Women Founder, President & CEO.


The great gift of the 

human Imagination is that

it has no limits or ending

                                                                   by  Jim Rohn

Ethiopian Women’s Organization for all Women Founder, President and CEO Etalemahu Taddesse Fikre ACHIEVEMENTS/ HONORS AND AWARDS! 

True Kindness is helping someone without expecting anything in return

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